Saturday, October 14, 2006

2yrs 5 months

This week was a week of three firsts that are noteworthy.

But first a little update. Wow you have grown fast and are now up to 38 inches tall. You have named your first stuffed toy, Mr. Cow. Given to you by Uncle Kevin, Auntie Lou, Hannah and Daniel on their trip here earlier in the summer. That does seem a long timne ago.

In the last couple of weeks you have a huge interest in the film, The Little Mermaid and have taken to calling it the Princess Celeste movie. This week we took you to Toys R Us where you asked if you could have Princess Celeste bedding for your crib.

The biggest first was that you ordered your first meal by yourself this week in Perkins in Montgomeryville PA. Chocolate Milk, Pizza Pie and Fries.