Saturday, November 05, 2005

18 months old tomorrow!


Returning to America may have been the end of our adoption journey but the start of our life together as family. Last weekend I sat and watched the video footage of gotcha day for the first time, reliving the moments of that special day half-way across the world.
How things have changed in such a short space of time:

You could barely sit up without support then, now you are running around the house.

We fed you baby formula and introduced you to Banana-Goop, now you feed your self (more-often-than-not) and enjoy a whole range of foods. You even help feed the cats.

You cried, now you are starting not only to mimic word but think and use the words you want, like cookie, mamma, dada, "kitty-kitty-kitties" airplane, elephant, baa, noo-noo (your favorite blanket) Ace (the dog) no (more often that I would like to hear), ni-ni (to go to bed) re-re (when you want to read a book) poo-poo (for I have a dirty diaper) and chinese shen-shen for thank you.

You cried then, your laughter and smile melts hearts and tells us that you are happy.

The best things for me are

Coming home from work and seeing you at the from door every day.
The way you blow a kiss from the crib each night I put you to bed.
The hugs you give my knees!
Snuggling up and watching your favorite TV programs, Teletubbies, Zaboomafoo,
Angelina Ballerina, Thomas the Thank Engine.
Chatting with you in the evenings with this quite whisperering thing you do with me that makes no sence to me but speaks volumes with you.
Having quick telephone calls that end in bye-bye.

Celeste you have grown from our little baby into a toddler so quickly, in some ways oh-to-fast. Your personality is so very precious to me and every day you surprise me is some small way.

The very best thing is your laugh. Our home is always filled with laughter and giggles. It is and always will be a happy home and place of safety for you.