Wednesday, November 24, 2004


The nursery is all but done and Taney & I have had fun putting the room together. Uncle Pearse helped me get a sleeper sofa out before painting the room and Uncle Chris helped with the decorating.

The room is a disney fairy princess pink with white woodwork and trim, a white ceiling and blue carpet. The crib and changing table are white. A bedroom chair given to us by Grandmere sits under one of the two wall lights. The shades a waverly design depict caarousels and a storybook fair from what seems to be the 1930s. The chair complements the coloring of the shades and has flowers in the design.

Following the storybook theme, an Alice in Wonderland clock with the original pen and ink design of Alice, the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit are drawn on the face, while the cheshire cat swings on the pendulam below.

Taney & I attended a small get together of other parents in Dillsburg PA last weekend, hosted by Roy and Carol at their farmhouse. Also attending were Julie and Ross from Baltimore. All of us are working with difference agencies, although we are all along at the same point with our papers in China, hopefully in the matching room for the holiday season. With nothing confirmed at this time we are wishing for a picture of our daughter in the latter part of January.